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We’ve done extensive research on where and how people want to travel. Some of them save up miles and points with a specific personal goal in mind. They want to learn to play guitar in Andalusia, bring their daughter to Yellowstone, or take their boyfriend on a trip to Lahaina. Others are enablers: they fuel the adventures of their college-bound sons, or donate their miles to charity .

A Year In the Life of a Rocketmiles Traveler

Sarah takes 12 business trips every year and stays 2.2 nights per trip on average, earning about 3,000 miles each night. That’s 80,000 extra miles every year - a lot of fuel for her next trip.

Sarah could travel all the way to Kyoto for the cherry blossom festival. She could book a trip for both herself and her friend Alicia to take surfing lessons in Costa Rica. If Sarah has grown accustomed to a bit more luxury while flying, a business class trip to Vancouver, then drive up to Whistler might be her choice.


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Board and Advisors

Scott Hintz

Scott is an investor, advisor and entrepreneur saving up miles to embark on a first-class journey to Singapore, Thailand, and China.

Drew Patterson

Drew is the former CEO at, now CEO at Room77. He is saving for a family camping trip to Patagonia.

Evan Konwiser

An entrepreneur, speaker and writer, Evan is saving enough miles for trips back to San Francisco from his new home in New York.

Jere Doyle

Jere is a full time coach and advisor, earning miles for a trip to Madrid.

Tom Botts

Tom is a hotelier, investor and advisor and serious mileage junky with the goal of always turning left when boarding an aircraft.

Tripp Jones

Tripp is a partner at August Capital and is saving for an endless summer exploring the South Island of New Zealand – 160,000 miles.